Ordering, Shipping, Pricing & Warranty Policies

ORDERING - We accept orders by phone, fax or email. Ordering by fax or email, please include the following information with your order or have it ready when you call us at 951-808-0852

• The item number and quantity of each item you wish to order. Note: Any purchase quantity is accepted, however we would like to get box quantity orders.

• Your complete shipping address and contact information.

• We accept Visa and MasterCard, please include the credit card number, expiration date and name on the card. After we have received your order by fax, e-mail or mail, we will contact you to confirm your order usually within 48 hours of receiving the order. The exception is holidays going into a long weekend.

SHIPPING - Prepaid to one location on net invoices over $1,000. All other shipments are shipped freight collect. All sales are F.O.B Aqualine Warehouse. Will calls not picked up after 5 days from notification will be shipped by common carrier under normal freight terms.

PRICING / CREDIT - Pricing is subject to change without notice. Credit and eligibility for distributor prices will be established prior to acceptance of the initial order. Shipments will be held for any account with an unsatisfactory payment status. Past due accounts will be subject to a 1-1/2% monthly service charge.

RETURNS / DEFECTIVE PRODUCT - A 20% restocking charge will be applied to all returned restock items. Written factory authorization must be obtained prior to any returns. All products are subject to inspection and if not resalable will be designated as scrap or returned to distributor. Price marked, discolored, and/or obsolete items will not be accepted. Restock returns must be made on freight prepaid by the sender. No debit memos will be honored until the factory issues a credit memo.

Written Return Goods Authorization (RGA) must be obtained from Aqualine prior to returning any defective materials. Ship returns freight prepaid with proof of purchase or invoice number. Freight will be credited on warranty items only. All items are subject to inspection to determine defect, cause and warranty application. Items returned as defective which are missing parts will be assessed an incomplete charge of 20%. Items under warranty will be credited or replaced at the customer’s discretion. No debit memos will be honored until Aqualine issues a credit memo.

LIMITED WARRANTY - Aqualine Incorporated, hereinafter called “Aqualine”, warrants that parts manufactured by it shall be free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service, for a period of five years from the date of purchase to its trade customers. This five year period shall be known as the “warranty period”. Aqualine will furnish or repair parts found to be defective, within the warranty period, at no charge under our defective return procedure. Aqualine's liability is solely limited to original cost of the parts and no payment will be made for consequential or incidental costs of damages caused by the product failure. Aqualine can not and does not assume liability for defective products not manufactured or supplied by us, even though such products may be used in conjuction with our own. Aqualine reserves the right to redesign, alter, or modify its products without incurring liability for obsolete parts or product inventory. No agent or representative of Aqualine has the authority to waive or alter this printed warranty or to make any representation or warranty not contained herein or to extend this warranty to anyone other than Aqualine trade customers. This warranty shall not be deemed a customer warranty and shall not extend to anyone other than those who purchased products from Aqualine for resale. The foregoing warranties are exclusive and are in lieu of all other warranties (whether written, oral, or implied) including warranty of merchantability in any other respects than expressly set forth above, and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.